SaaS Starter Kit

Use Duplex for building your products faster and reduce the time-to-market on new features.

Duplex can save you weeks of effort, to make the "shipping" faster.


What you get with Duplex

The elements of the Duplex Starter Kit

Basic Autentication

Beautiful looking Login, Register and Forgot Password pages.

rails devise
User Profile Management

Screens to manage user data, profile avatar and other settings.

devise custom
Stripe Subscrption

Integrated with stripe plans and checkout page for subscription.

strip payment-gateway
2 Factor Authentication

User verification with Twilio OTP code, sent to the users mobile number.

twilio sms

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Built With

Duplex Stack is built with

  • Ruby on Rails 5.2.3
  • Devise Gem
  • Stripe Gem for Subscriptions
  • SCSS styles

Frequently Asked Questions


How often are the components updated?

Duplex is ever evolving.

We make releases every month and security updates as and when they are identified. Also we'll put out instructions on how to update your instance to get these updates.

What kind of support do you provide?

We'll support you to setup Duplex in your workflow and will help you to get up and running with it. Support for deployments is covered with a reasonable extend on AWS / Digital Ocean / Linode.

We also provide support if you face issues upgrading to newer versions of Duplex, if you are on the Annual Plan.

Support for new features and customizations are not covered. Email us if you need customizations.


What kind of updates do you make?

For the backend server, we make Duplex releases for Rails and other gem updates. We also add to the list of reusable VueJS components in each release.


I'm not satisfied. Do I get a refund?

Yes, email us at support@hash32.com.

I want a new feature and component, do you support that?

Yes, lets talk. Email us at support@hash32.com.


Have more questions?

Or, want to customize Duplex with extra features?

Email us at support@hash32.com.